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The Arms Hotel, Suite 621 - AKA Universal Hospital - Saturday morning FLASHBACKS

Savannah let herself into the house, having no idea how her life was about to be torn apart. She had stopped to grab a bottle of champagne to celebrate the fact that she had sold one of her larger paintings.

She was still smiling happily, until she walked into the room and felt herself go cold all over and her heart break.

"Johnny," she whispered, her eyes stinging with the tears that suddenly appeared. "Sean?"

The large champagne bottle dropped to the marble floor and shattered, splashing her legs with liquid and shards of glass.
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Johnny broke free from the heated kiss, his mouth full and wet, his cheeks flushed with color. He looked from Savannah to Sean, and back to Savannah again.

"Oh my god... Savannah, this isn't..."

Hell. He was screwed. Because this was exactly what it looked like.
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Sean could only stare, his expressive eyes even more wide and expressive. There was no way they could explain this, no way they could make it look better.

Oh God, what'd they just done?
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Savannah stared at them both, her eyes so full of pain that her blue eyes seemed black. Tears were welling in her eyes as she looked from her husband who was her life, to her brother.

Shaking her head, she stepped back, and then turned, running from the house. She jumped into the Viper that Johnny had bought her for their anniversary and the gears grounds as she peeled out of the driveway.
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"Savannah! Wait!" Johnny cried out, one arm extended towards her, his other hand desperately reaching for the sheet as he scrambled in an effort to go after her.

In a sheet.

Silly boy forgot for a moment that he could fly.
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Johnny wasn't the only one scrambling out of bed; as it always was in these situations, there was one person out of the two with enough presence of mind to at least attempt getting dressed first before taking off after whoever had caught them.

Unfortunately, this meant that Johnny was the one going after Savannah while clad in nothing more than a sheet.

Sean caught up with Johnny in time for the two of them to reach the front door of the extremely spacious house and see Savannah's car peeling off into the night.

Savannah was hysterical as she peeled out of the driveway, her tires kicking up gravel every where. She was crying so hard that she couldn't even see the road she and the Viper were on. She tried to focus on getting to her mother's place, but all she kept seeing was Johnny and Sean in bed together. She swore she could feel her heart break due to how tough it was for her to draw a full breath as she cried. Her hand gripped the steering wheel as she used her free hand to shift gears. She'd go to her mom's place. She could stay with her mom for the night. It was a good plan.

It was too bad that she forgot about the sharp bend in the driveway at the end of her and Johnny's property.

She wasn't sure exactly what happened next, but she felt the car leave the road and become airborne for a moment. She had enough time to scream before she heard shrieking metal and breaking glass as the car struck the ground.

Her head hit something and she could feel pain spreading throughout her body.

"Johnny," she whimpered and then she felt nothing at all.
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"NO!" He screamed. They were unable to see the crash but both men heard it.

Johnny dropped to his knees, sheet tangled around his mid-section.

What had they done?!?!

[NFI, TBC, Continued from here, preplayed with the ever awesome walks_two_paths and [info]bigbrothersean OOC is super.]
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